Prince 'Raspberry Beret' Art Print - RecombinantCulture
Prince 'Raspberry Beret' Art Print - RecombinantCulture
Prince 'Raspberry Beret' Art Print - RecombinantCulture
Prince 'Raspberry Beret' Art Print - RecombinantCulture

Prince 'Raspberry Beret' Art Print

'Raspberry Beret' is such a classic Prince song: deceptively simple on first listen, and then amazingly clever the more you listen. Here's a very sexy Robert Bonfils cover for it; it doesn't really have the one-on-one relationship of the song (and no hay-bale farm setting of course) but hey, you can't have everything. This looks more at the 'when it was warm, she wouldn't wear much more' line.

This poster is shown here in a censored version, but you can have it fully uncensored, easily -- just email me to let me know, and I'll make that happen! The black censorship bar is quickly removable.

As with everything I offer, this comes in 5 sizes across 3 formats: paper poster print, stretched canvas read-to-hang, framed and ready-to-hang, as well as a Symfonisk IKEA Sonos speaker cover (speaker not included).

✔ Available in 4 formats:

  1. heavyweight paper poster
  2. framed and ready-to-hang
  3. stretched canvas (also ready-to-hang)
  4. cover for IKEA Symfonisk speaker (speaker not included)

✔ Free global shipping (32 countries)

✔ Made and shipped locally to you (no customs fees)

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$45.00 CAD - $180.00 CAD /
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It is! We use a global fulfillment company that enables us to print at a printing company local to you, across 23 countries, and then shipped to you from there. It's fast, and all shipping costs are baked into the price you see here. It also means no import or customs fees.

If you need something expedited, then please message me before you buy - there are several super-fast shipping options available (up to overnight) with corresponding premiums.

There will be white borders around the image to facilitate framing, if you decided to frame or mount yourself. The left/right, vertical borders will almost always be thicker than the top/bottom, horizontal borders because of the dimensions of the source material (actual pulp paperback novel covers, or movie posters). I can't stretch the image to fill standard paper sizes without it looking, well, stretched - they look bad and believe me, you don't want that. Because every single poster uses a unique source image, no two images have the same dimensions.

We typically ship orders out within 2 - 3 business days of ordering. From there shipping may take an additional 3-5 business days; most of my customers receive their orders within 10 days of ordering, regardless of destination (yes, Perth, that includes you!).

Yes you can: in addition to the default black, frames are available in white, light wood/birch, and dark wood. Metal frames are also available. If you want a different colour or material for your frame, PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE BUYING since I need to intervene before your order gets automatically processed.

No, that's only on the website version to dissuade bootleggers from stealing my stuff. Your final product will be clean of any watermark.

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