Collections are grouped by both artist/band and genre.

Not all my posters are in collections, though: I decided that a minimum of 6 songs per artist/band/genre was required to be a 'Collection' - so don't hesitate to use the Search function to find sub-5-song entries or one-hit wonders that might not be here.

80s New Wave

Ah, did somebody say drum machines? And Rolands?

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90s Grunge

Plaid flannel and Chuck converse all the way, baby.

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Classic Rock

The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Elvis, Pink Floyd, etc.

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Alice in Chains

Some of the glory that makes AIC great.

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The Clash

The only band that mattered, for an important time.

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The Cure

Tracks from Standing On A Beach to Disintegration and more.

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Depeche Mode

Synth-pop pioneers who get better and better year by year.

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Shirley Manson and company are alt-rock royalty, now and forever.

Show me Garbage

Matthew Good and Band

Solo or with his band, Matthew Good is one of Canada's finest.

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New Order

We snuck in some Joy Division too, cuz hell, why not.

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The best of the bad boys of the second British Invasion.

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Pink Floyd

Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall, oh my!

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The Police

Hard to describe how ubiquitous The Police were in the 80s.

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From Pablo Honey to A Moon Shaped Pool, and tons in between.

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Is there a better prog rock band in history? The answer is 'no'.

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The Smiths & Morrissey

Back in the day, Morrissey and Marr had their finger on the pulse.

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Stone Roses

Maybe they only had one solid album, but it is solid.

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Tears For Fears

Probably the ultimate 80s New Wave band, in my humble opinion.

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The Tragically Hip

Kingston Ontario's favourite sons' greatest hits.

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One of the richest careers in rock music - and still at it.

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Criminally underrated Canadian alt-rockers from the East coast.

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The Fixx

Criminally underrated 80s New Wave band from the UK

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A personal favourite and household staple at our place.

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Silversun Pickups

So, so much more than just the classic Lazy Eye.

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The Beatles

No good rock/pop collection is complete without them.

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The Rolling Stones

Ying to The Beatles' Yang. Or the other way around?

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Monster hits from the darlings of Athens Georgia.

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Pet Shop Boys

The most successful duo in UK musical history.

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David Bowie

The undisputed GOAT. Full stop. The end.

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