RecombinantCulture is absolutely committed to sustainability and minimizing a carbon footprint.

We use a global dropshipping company for all our products:

Local production reduces carbon emissions

As a result of local production in 33 markets and reduced transportation distances, we reduce carbon emissions on each order.

On-demand production reduces waste and use of resources

All our products are digitally printed on demand when my customers buy them, and we avoid excess production ending up in landfills.

We use responsibly sourced & sustainable products, all of which are made with responsibly sourced and sustainable materials.

Product safety

All products are produced in accordance with international and national product safety regulations.

Responsibly sourced materials

We always strive to use responsibly sourced materials. Our printed paper products and canvases are made from paper and wood from sustainably managed forests with a sustainable forest management system in place.

Detailed answers to most common questions

Posters! Absolutely posters, never actual books. I know they might look like book covers, but that's the joke: these are song titles made to look like books, or magazines, or movies, or vintage ads. But they're not. Please grasp this fact: you're buying a poster (paper, framed, on canvas, or on a Sonos speaker cover), and not a paperback novel written by your favourite artist or band.

Your poster/s will not arrive with the purple ovals - they're only there in an effort to keep some of the more aggressive lawyers at bay. You can probably figure out what's under them, anyway -- but if you're in doubt, please email me as ask for more information. A 'redaction' is usually a big black bar through classified or sensitive information, so here it's used in the same way.

It is! We use a global fulfillment company that enables us to print at a printing company local to you, in 32 countries, and then shipped to you from there. It's fast, and all shipping costs are baked into the price you see here. It also means no import or customs fees.

If you need something expedited, then please message me before you buy - there are several super-fast shipping options available (up to overnight) with corresponding premiums.

Ah, my #1 challenge. The paper sizes here are standard, but the images I use are not - in fact, they're not even the same from print from print. Most of my posters use real, vintage paperback novel covers as their base visual, and they're notoriously tall and thin, which means the horizontal top/bottom borders on the printed page are going to be thinner than the vertical side borders, which are thicker. It's perfectly normal and necessary, otherwise the image will looked stretched and wrong.

If you're dead-set on having a photograph-style print, with the images stretched to fit the absolute maximum space on the page, then please reach out to me and we can work together to reach a solution.

Absolutely! I'm happy to take on requests for any song you like. As long as you're content for it to join the rest of my catalogue, the prices will be the same for everything else I sell - no premium or extra. Just send me a message with your idea, and we'll chat. If you want an exclusive commission, though - something that won't be available to the public - then send me a message so we can figure that out offline: it's certainly possible, but will involve a premium cost.

Yes I can - no problem. Ping me your request and we'll figure it out. In 99% of cases, there's no extra cost involved in making that happen for you.